• Cabinet : 1600(L)x500(W)x 450(D)mm
  • Basin : 1600(L)x500(W)x 50(D)mm
  • Includes: 1 x countertop with basins, 1 x cabinet,
  • Premium soft-close runners
  • Water-resistant materials
  • Smart inner drawers
  • Weight 48kg

  • Redefine modern elegance and modern craftsmanship. The Calice series is definitely the most representative product in this series. The nodeless design of the countertop makes the cabinet lighter and more flexible. The precise vertical stripes are arranged on the front of the cabinet like a beautiful movement. And the place is full of calmness and wisdom. Fantaci's new walnut look makes the overall visual style more fresh and natural. This surprising performance makes Calice the purest symbol of elegant aesthetics and modern craftsmanship

    The unique complete L-shape countertop is the perfect presentation of mature technology. The precise geometric outline and the design of the seamless basin are cleverly combined to make your bathroom space more light and smooth.

    Beautiful storage space. The internal design still looks very private. The use of German Hettich metal drawers makes each opening and closing smoother, the new technology optimization brings a gentle pleasant feeling.

    Whether it is a spacious bathroom or a separate small guest bathroom, all Fantaci products can not only meet your style requirements but also can be perfectly integrated into any environmental building. This is all due to the modular ecosystem product concept that we independently designed and developed.

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