Step into clarity with our square shower enclosure, featuring a rolling door & return system and 10mm pure-view glass. The enclosure's matte black frame enhances the bathroom's aesthetic, while the thick, clear glass ensures a pristine look and feel, inviting light and openness into your shower space.


  • Dimensions: 900mm (Width) x 900mm (Depth) x 2100mm (Height), designed to create a spacious shower area in any bathroom setting.
  • 10mm Pure-View Glass: Extra-thick, high-quality clear glass offers unparalleled transparency and a premium look.
  • Rolling Door & Return: A smooth-rolling door paired with a solid return panel provides functionality and style, saving space without sacrificing design.
  • Materials: The combination of heavy-duty tempered glass, a resilient aluminum alloy frame, and waterproof PVC seals offers long-lasting durability.
  • Materials: Durable tempered glass, a sturdy aluminum alloy frame, and waterproof PVC seals, all reinforced with corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel for hardware and accents.
  • Handle: A beautifully crafted handle adds a touch of sophistication and ensures ease of use with the rolling door.
  • Door Mechanism: State-of-the-art rolling mechanism allows the door to glide open and closed with ease, ensuring a serene and quiet operation.
  • Pulley System: Engineered with precision for smooth, silent movement, contributing to a tranquil shower environment.
  • Installation: User-friendly installation with clear instructions, ideal for quick and hassle-free setup. Customer support is readily available for any assistance required.

Enhance your daily shower experience with this sleek and durable enclosure, combining the best of luxury, functionality, and style.

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